Shine with Unschooling

I Am Anne Ohman.

In Joy, with the kids. That’s where you can usually find me.

I Am a sensitive, enthusiastic spirit who is always learning, always listening to and following the Thumbs Up signs in my life. I was introduced to unschooling in this way ~ by listening to, believing, trusting and following my first-born child (born in 1990). Jacob was very adamant from his earliest days that “teaching” him anything unbidden was not only insulting to his mind and spirit, but was also interrupting the flow of his own life and learning. And I knew he was right.

I have been an active Voice in the online unschooling community since 1998, back when there was only ONE online unschooling site. I have been speaking at unschooling conferences since the very first Live & Learn Unschooling Conference in 2002, thanks to Kelly Lovejoy! In 2004, at the urging of those who asked me to share more of my unschooling experiences and perspectives, I created the Shine with Unschooling on-line community. In 2009, I began my own Shine with Unschooling Conferences, called We Shine.

Partnering with Pam Laricchia of Living Joyfully, we created Childhood Redefined ~ An Adult Intensive Unschooling Summit. Check my Events page for more information.  I Am also honored to join Pam and Anna Brown in a Roundtable Q & A Podcast for Pam's amazing Living Joyfully Podcast Series.

Currently, in addition to my lovely job as a rural Library Director (as well as my favorite job of being Mom to my adult kids!), I Am listening to the powerful signs in my life to continue sharing my radical unschooling stories and experiences and perspective.

You can contact me at iamanneohman at